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Every car at some point or another is going to need to have some work done. Whether that means regular routine maintenance or repairing broken parts, dents, dings or something else - things just happen, and that is why Kia offers an entire line of OEM replacement parts to keep your car, or get your car, back out on the road as good as new. If your vehicle needs a part that we do not currently carry in stock, we will order it for your through our Kia parts department and have it shipped promptly! You can trust that your vehicle is in good hands as our Kia parts experts and trained technicians who install those parts know your Kia better than anyone else. Anything from windshield wipers to body panels, you can get it at our Kia service center.
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If you have any questions at all about the parts we offer or the parts we carry in stock, how to order Kia OEM parts online through our Kia parts department, or anything else, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us! We are available to be contacted through our website, on the phone, or you can simply stop by our Kia dealership today!

Keep Your Car As It Was With Kia OEM Parts

When you purchase a Kia OEM replacement part, you are choosing a part that was designed from the start to stand up to our standards of strength, dependability, and quality. Kia parts are made by the "original equipment manufacturer" (OEM), meaning that all parts are made the same, unlike some parts that come from third-party manufacturers. Whether you need a large or small Kia replacement part, you can find it OEM, and we only repair Kia vehicles with these trusted parts at our Kia service center.

We choose to use Kia OEM parts exclusively at Kia Hermitage for many reasons. These Kia auto parts are rated and tested to last longer than parts from a third-party. This is incredibly important for the safety of you and your passengers, and potentially others on the road, as something like a failed suspension component from another manufacturer may not stand up to our durability standards and fail, causing an accident. Kia OEM parts are also made exclusively for your particular vehicle, meaning that they will not pose any fitment issues and will fit like they did when your Kia car was brand new. Keeping your vehicle maintained with Kia parts also helps with its resale value as it maintains all of the new-car quality!

Feeling like you have any questions about Kia OEM parts, how to order Kia parts online, or about our Kia service center? Contact us today!

Third Party Parts to Avoid

Parts made for your Kia vehicle but that are not made by the original equipment manufacturers may still fit your vehicle. However, they may fit improperly, fail to function as they should, or just wear out much more quickly than parts designed exclusively for your vehicle.

Parts with the term "aftermarket" advertised with them mean that they are not OEM, and can suffer from the problems above. You should be especially wary of parts labeled as "salvaged," meaning they were taken off of an old vehicle or a vehicle that was involved in an accident, meaning the parts could already be damaged. The largest difference, however, is that none of these aftermarket parts offer a warranty, whereas Kia OEM parts carry a full warranty.

You Can Easily Buy Kia Parts Online

If you have your Kia car, SUV or minivan's VIN, you can easily find and purchase Kia OEM parts for your vehicle right here online! Buying Kia parts online is super easy thanks to our newly redesigned website. If you don't have your VIN on hand, you can also order by inputting the year, make, and model of the car you are looking to buy parts for. As always, if you have any questions about this service, you are welcome to get in touch with us with any questions and one of our experienced parts specialists will assist you!

Come and See Us at Your Local Kia Service Center

If you have ordered your Kia parts online and are uncomfortable with installing them yourself, you can bring your vehicle and the Kia OEM parts that you ordered into our Kia service center! Just give us a call or send us an email to set up a time to bring your Kia car, SUV or minivan into us and one of our trained technicians can install your new Kia parts for you!

While you wait for your Kia parts to be installed on your vehicle, we provide you with a comfortable customer waiting lounge with coffee, snacks, Wi-Fi, a shuttle service to nearby shops, and more! Also, while your vehicle is in our Kia service center, you can at the same time have your oil changed and other maintenance items taken care of at the same time. If your vehicle needs to be left overnight with us for a more intensive repair, we can supply you with a loaner vehicle in the meantime.

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Still have questions about our Kia OEM parts, Kia service center, Kia parts department, or the many new cars for sale, used cars for sale, and certified pre-owned Kia models that we carry? Do not hesitate to get in touch with us for all of your vehicle-related needs!
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